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Rampant Random Introspective Thoughtstreams.

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  • troyworks@livejournal.com

TroyWorks(troi - wûrks) verb

  1. iNTx -32. M, Transhuman. Marked by incessant rationalization and intense frequent thinking on futurism and technology.

  2. of or pertaining to the markings of the mammal of the genus Humanis Prolificus Totalus (see journal for more information):

  3. Eclectic Creator (art, music, code) -one who tranmutes concepts to a myriad of concreteizations.

  4. Oddball, Improv artist wannabe, marked by expressive facial mannerisms and impersonations as in "who's line is it anyway?".

  5. Entreprenuer

  6. Engineer andConsultant

  7. Vegetarian chef and massuese

[Northern American, from Spanish and American roots. For more history see troyweb, or contact].

If you want to be my friend:

In keeping with the spirit of openness that posting journals on the web is all about, yet also wanting to meet my desires to produce relatively unrestricted content, as well as keeping that content inline with your desires to view my world, I've broken my often prolific writing into following 'threads'/channels, you can subscribe to or not: Additional Categories may be added on a periodic basis and suggestions are welcome.

Public Lists (you start out here)

Ideally I would like to have publically viewable lists one could have filtered out, but sadly LJ don't work dat way. Thus I try to do the next best thing by sectioning them when the post gets too long. There is currently only one list and by default everyone is subscribed to it. I do typically try to prefix the title of the post with the following categories, or break up messages with headings. I also tend to link/upload medium sized pictures enmasse...all but one of these are usually hid behind a LJ cut.

  • DayOverview - day to day, occurances and happenings.

  • [Weekend | Week | Month | Year | Decade] InReview -same thing as day usually a pictoral view

  • Heavy - getting into philosophy, my internal mood that's not related to people on the journal

  • Geek - technical musings

  • Music- the latest and greatest things I've been uploading/writing.

  • Writings - writings on specific topics

  • Links- cool things I've found on the web


Protected Lists (opt-in and/or at my descretion)

Less frequent unfiltered internal dialog on unrestricted subject maftter: With the disclaimer that impulses and impressions that AS THEY ARE CAPTURED right or wrong, may or may not have any correlation to my general thoughts, or long term directions or internal actions.

  • Narcissism - photos of me, the good, the bad, and the goofy.

  • Body- e.g. sexuality, internal workings

  • Social- right or wrong perceptions and opinions on people,

  • BrainScan -mind map/state diagrams of my internal introspections. Thoughts as they are without justification. A visual journaling process



In general, I add people as friends in the normal I know and want to keep track of, generallly fall into two categories, those that act as extentions/antenna of my interests, those that are skilled/entertaining to read or I'm interested in getting to know better (and may be completely dissimilar to myself)

I try to reciprocate friends, but if I don't or unfriend you, don't take it personally, it just means for whatever reason I don't have time to frequently read your posts, or find myself skipping over your posts more often than not.. There are over a million people on LJ!

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