TroyToy (troyworks) wrote,

Mawwage, Mawage is what Bwings us Togeva

Tonight I saw get married.

The ceremony was everything I expected except with more turtles and less live monkeys.

My head is scrambled but here are some highlights.

It was up in a almost hidden park in Beverly hills. The park nestled between two mountains and comfotabley buffered from the many super expensive houses that are sprinkled on any slope that isn't too steep to build on.

The ceremony involved live music with half the band members being family and friends (rock on!) had I only known I would have brought my kazoo. Nice use of "the Killers" track.

The ceremony was perfect and non-secular and made me smile and laugh brightly. I've grown quite a thick hide lately so it was pleasant to register on the radar.

A gust of wind picked up the rolled out walkway, and the almost on cue the bride and the grooms side people closest to the isle put a toe out to keep it down.

Once the ceremony ended, the Star Trek (TNG) theme was played :)

I had contemplated sharing a memory/giving a toast, but will do it here:

I vividly remember a few years ago shortly after giving a performance in San Francisco where they kindly showed up early enough to see me, walking around the back and catching them being cute and connected as they watched Drop Black Sky. Though still buzzing from the adrenaline from the first "big" show, I stood there for a minute captivated like looking at a campfire coals the "intONEss" each had for each other was palpitable and calm. Having seen that before in my family, my spidey sense suspected that they would be together for a long time.

What's amazing to me that event was like 4-5 years ago and though the faces have grown older (damn Time!) is they are still cute and my spidey sense still rings clearly and has every time I've seen it.

I don't know for sure if kids are in the picture, but hey people I actually want to see propogate (no not on video you perv)!

Back to the wedding, I was given my dinner seating assignment from the Governator and I was appropriately seated at the "Total Recall" table to have the delicious dilemma to get choclate, banana, vanilla or red velvet from the awesome cupcake tree.

On a personal level, this was a total recall like event. I have been so busy/preoccupied with stuff, that I have pretty much forgotten about LJ completely. However prompted by seeing so many familiar LJish faces at the event, logging into LJ tonight, it snapped into focus. But it's fuzzy and it feels like 6 lifetimes ago. In many ways it has been! so many things have changed for so many including myself. I see that many of those I used to read avidly like me haven't posted in ages. I suspect facebook replaces LJ for many, or perhaps like graduation people have moved on, to husbands and wives and family.

I was reminded that at one point in time how many I knew so much about them from daily (er. hourly?) updates on LJ. Now I don't know anything, which has the upside of having stuff to actually talk about when I see people :).

What's kinda funny is that if I had time to write yall would probably be relatively entertained with the daily rollercoasters. Days of our Troys...

Like I and my team of 4 have been building an amazing project that will easily be a multi-million dollar business mostly on autopilot, now just a few days from done I find that they may have just been flooded out of town (they live in Pakistan which has had the worst floods ever right now). and are potentially faced with cholera next

Given major parts of the country is largely filled with water, power and internet is not high on the prority list. Who knows when able to get a reliable home, let alone work again?

Sure puts a cupcake dilemma into pespective.

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