TroyToy (troyworks) wrote,

Ode to pet Spidey

I've had cats or dogs or hamsters, most the entire I was a kid, dare say I get along and understand pets more than I do the owners. Being an entreprenuer means certain sacrifices have to be made. One of mine has been having pets.

For a awhile I didn't even want plants..too much responsibility. Partly also for fear of killing them, as the room and kitchen don't get much light. Ironically right now the dining room table is COMPLETELY filled with plants since the great roommate shuffle of July. I kinda like it, it looks like a green water fountain. So far it has been doing okay in the somewhat shady corner where my building is.

One exception to the pet rule is spiders. Not like the big exhibitioinist tarantulas, but rather the common crack in the wall, windowsill type. If I wasn't so enamored with innovation I might be an insectologist, as I find insects fascinating, so much variety, specializations. Spiders in particular as they are one of the few insects that are easy to study, they make a home, and tend to be rather introverted slender homebody but busy at nighttime creatures. So an affinity. Of course if they get ambitious and decide to invade the office or the shower, they typically are relocated or killed. Thou shalt not interrupt showertime.

Common spiders make ideal pets in some ways, they are almost zero maintenance, they are natural to the environment, 100% biodegradable, most don't bother you, sit on the keyboard, wake you up, demonstrate the ability to pierce multiple layers of fabric during needing, require daily walks, or stinky poop scoops (though they do require cleanup of the victims). They don't terrorize the neighborhood (at least at human scale), bring back trophy kills, or respond to every alarm and siren and airplane and walker that goes by. They don't need to be told to sit or comeback...especially in flamboyantly gay overly dramatic air-raid siren voices. Ahem *looks out window*.

I've been fortunate to have two cool spiders in the kitchen of very different temperments. One is a funnel web spider, he's the extrovert: commonly going out drinking, partying, hunting, bringing back people to his web and devouring them. Apparently funnel spiders eat other funnel spiders as some traveling salesman spider came by and now has been converted into a semi-translucent a lawn ornament. This appeals to my gothic tendencies like putting enemies on old school pig poles.

The other I don't know the name of, but was crystaline looking, a bead like body, tiny klingon like spikes. Typically he'd sit absolutely motionless, in a zen yoga like stance all legs held straight out pressed together, forming a single needle like form, possibly praying to some arachnid gods. Remarkably disciplined. In my frequent visits to the kitchen for water/food. He'd stay that way for almost the entire day motionless. At night he would spread his arms and reveal what a bad ass he really was. Each segment in the legs became barbed and ready like a fishing lure to catch prey. Occassionally I'd see him dancing (like vibrating his web).

Sadly this morning he was gone,makes me a little sad, we've been together for months, and there was no note. I think he gave me notice last night as he was in an odd position pointing straight up and down like a clock pointed at midnight. Since the pickings have been slim lately in the web I wondered if he too had been hit with the recession/depression, or if the two spiders had found each other (they are only a few feet away). I checked and couldn't find a body, so I hope he's found juicier pastures.

*spider pig, spider pig*
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I don't mean to be a nitpicker, but insects and arachnids are not in the same family...

Spiders are cool, though I prefer them to be outside (plenty of tasty bug-prey resides near my compost pot).

One of my friends used to have a giant African millipede as a pet!
Thanks for the correction, I was going to say originally Entomology ...which includes spiders, slugs, worms etc.
Basically anything that makes stereotypical girls go ewww!

but my lysdexia kicked in and I didn't want to risk transposition with

Yay for compost pot!

Cool that Millipeads like decaying matter and live 7-10 years! I have a habit of not finishing all the fruit and veggies I buy before they start to wilt, maybe I should get some mllipeads to finish them up!
I had a pet spider in Hawaii. It lived on a house plant for almost six months. I found it's sad little body, expired in the dirt. In a way it was giving back to it's home. It, to my knowledge, never left the plant.