TroyToy (troyworks) wrote,

Parakeet Lost, Free Bird brain

{posted to craigslist)
While wandering in my hallway minding my own business, I nearly stumbled across an errant parakeet, looking up meekly from the hall carpet, *cheep* *cheep*.

Inquiring around the complex, nobody's claimed it. While there have been many possible explanations as to how it ended up on the second story floor of a locked building: Maybe like many in the US's dismal economy it got laid off and resorted to a life of breaking and entering, maybe it got hit with a ceiling fan went on disability then decided to join the ranks of homeless, maybe it got lost on it's way out for a evening flock. Anyway we rounded it up (in a neato popup laundry basket!) fed it (almost to the cats), gave it a perch (stainless steel martini shaker!) and now after the thrill of having a pet for an eve are looking to go back to our bachelor ways.

It's in good shape, yellowish, quiet so far, chirpy when hungry. No identifying marks I can tell. Free to owner if you can identify it by those identifying marks, or Free to good home. Must bring a suitable (bird suitable) cage, though can recommend popup laundry baskets if you don't have a portable one.

Will be around much of the weekend till the eve, near the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Fairfax, 90046. If interested, Email with a time that you can drop by.
Tags: bird
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Aww, lucky bird! Given the four legged denizens on the second floor, he might have easily met a much unhappier fate. :>
I thought I hear cheeping last night, but I was too tired to investigate! I'm glad you guys helped the little one out!
what a cutie! I wish I could come rescue him.