TroyToy (troyworks) wrote,

Help: For parents of video game junkies.

I have a friend who's son is entering final years in highschool, and though trying other things (cross country, theater, etc) who's primary passion in life is playing video games. Warcraft and Half-life being among the top two.

He's bright, but just not that interested in other subjects at present. His parents are tentatively looking intensive video game developer college/tech school after he graduates, and I'm wondering if there's any suggestions to get him exposure prior to the industry, prior to plunking down serious money/time on the school.

I wondering if anybody knows how to get a tour of a game studio, getting a game tester position or other internship. I know some of you work or work with game companies, and may know of other roles or contacts that might be useful. Any advice would be appreciated.
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